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PRS SE 245 Electric Guitar In Nepal

PRS SE 245 Electric Guitar In Nepal | Introduction

The PRS SE 245 Standard is intended to be the ideal guitar for both new and seasoned players. Its traditional voice is extremely recordable and ready for gigs, thanks to its 245 “S” pickups and adaptable control configuration.

Key Features

Classic PRS Appointments: The SE 245 Standard features a set wide fat mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard with bird inlays, and PRS-designed stop tail bridge and tuners.

Short-Scale Comfort: The guitar’s 24.5″ scale length makes it instantly comfortable for musicians who favor short-scale instruments.

All-Mahogany Body: The body is entirely crafted of mahogany, evocative of Paul Reed Smith’s original pre-factory instruments, with a warm and woody tone.

Commitment to Quality

PRS Guitars’ COO, Jack Higginbotham, underlines the company’s commitment to creating inexpensive, high-quality guitars that excite musicians.

Affordable without Compromise

Despite being PRS Guitars’ first step into the sub-$500 market, the SE 245 Standard sets the high tone, versatility, playability, and dependability standards. This guarantees that players’ guitars remain in tune and function consistently without regular tweaks.

PRS SE 245 Electric Guitar In Nepal


The PRS SE 245 Standard is a versatile, affordable, and high-quality guitar suitable for both new and experienced players. Its timeless style and modern functions make it a wonderful choice for anyone seeking a dependable and inspiring instrument.

PRS SE 245 Electric Guitar In Nepal

R&R Music is an exclusive authorized distributor of PRS SE 245 Electric guitars in Nepal.

What is the price of a PRS SE 245 In Nepal?

PRS SE 245 Electric Guitar in Nepal is ₨103,500.

What is special about PRS guitars?

Popular guitar models like the Les Paul and the Fender Stratocaster are combined in PRS guitars to provide a unique look and premium tonewoods that suit a wide range of musical styles.

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