NUX DM7X Professional 9-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with All Mesh Heads

Specifications of NUX DM7X Professional 9-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with All Mesh Heads

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Product details of NUX DM7X Professional 9-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with All Mesh Heads

  • Accents: Train your strike rhythm with accent transfer (NUX exclusive)
  • Time Check: Everyone needs to be on time, especially the drummer
  • Quiet Count: Calm down and make sure the speed is accurate
  • Change Up: The tempo and note will change, training the drummer’s ability to follow
  • 3 x Tom (Dual Trigger)
  • 1 x Snare (Dual Trigger)
  • 1 x Hi-Hat (Dual Trigger)
  • 2 x Crash (Dual Trigger)
  • 1 x Ride (Triple Trigger)
  • 1 x Kick (Single Trigger)
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  • Drum Kit
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The NUX DM-7X features 30 precisely-sampled customisable studio kits, which deliver the most realistic and expressive drum sounds. Practice mode offers recording 5 types of coach functions, and various effects. All the mesh heads are made by REMO.

Highly Professional
NUX collaborated with REMO, the world-renowned drumhead brand, and equipped the DM-7X with excellent REMO mesh heads. The mesh head has been tested for more than 1 million strokes and is thus very durable. Enhanced by the latest Dual-Triggering technology (head and rim), DM-7X’s 10″ Snare and the 8″ Toms provide accurate triggering and a large strike area, together with an authentic acoustic feel. The tone changes depending on where and how hard you strike, ensuring the most realistic playing feel. Meanwhile, with the advanced velocity-sensitive drum pads and cymbals, you can set parameters for your drum triggers to ensure the most accurate and natural response. The DM-7X also features 30 precisely sampled studio kits and a customisable sound library, which delivers the most realistic and expressive drum sounds. In addition, practice mode offers recording and 5 types of coach functions, and various effects are available to further expand the playability.

Customisable Sound Library
The DM-7X has 30 sets of preset kits, as well as 18 sets of user kits for you to get creative. Just turn the INSTRUMENT knob and hit the pad to call up the sound assigned to it, use the UP and DOWN button to select the instrument, and edit it the way you want. Meanwhile, you can add effects on the kit with ONE KNOB function: Overdrive, Compressor, Reverb and Tune (all editable).

Elegant Curve Design
For easier and faster installation and adjustment, NUX designed the DM-7X drum rack into a stylish curve shape. No matter where it is placed, a piece of art.

Recording and Playing Along with Tracks
Tired of practicing solo? Want some jamming music to play along with? No worries, DM-7X has various selections of demo songs that you can play along with. You can also create your tracks by connecting your audio devices via the AUX IN interface, or through the wireless Bluetooth connection. If you would like to evaluate your drumming performances, just simply click the “Record” button before you start playing.

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