Kepma ES36 Travel Guitar In Nepal | Authorized Distributor.

Kepma ES36 Travel Guitar In Nepal

Kepma ES36 Travel Guitar In Nepal | R&R Music

Guitar Specifications

The guitar has an AA-grade Sitka spruce top, well-known for its remarkable durability and tonal qualities. The top is reinforced with standard X scalloped bracing and has a 2.7 ± 0.2 mm thickness. This ensures a strong structure and good sound projection. Its appearance is given a subtle refinement by the matte finish.

The warm and deep tone of the guitar is enhanced by the AA-grade African mahogany used to construct the back and sides. The gorgeous grain patterns in this wood further add to the instrument’s visual appeal.

The neck’s ergonomic C profile and Nato wood construction provide a seamless and simple playing experience. The premium rosewood fingerboard, which complements the neck, provides a smooth, long-lasting fretting surface.

Because the nut and saddle are composed of ABS, the string height and spacing will always be dependable and consistent. The rosewood bridge matches the fingerboard in terms of material and style.

A black ABS pickguard adds flair and safety to the guitar. The high-quality Kepma die-cast tuning keys, which enable accurate and simple tuning adjustments, ensure tuning stability.

This guitar is portable and ideal for artists who are constantly on the go because of its 36-inch travel shape. It features twenty albata (1.00 x 2.0 mm) frets for smooth and long-lasting gameplay. The nut width of 43 mm allows for comfortable finger placement, while the scale length of 650 mm offers a balanced tension and feel for the strings.

The anti-rust-coated strings that are strung on the instrument improve the sound quality and decrease the need for replacements by extending their lifespan.

Kepma ES36 Travel Guitar In Nepal
Kepma ES36 Travel Guitar In Nepal


To round off the deal, the instrument is included in a complimentary Kepma padded case that protects it while in transit. A capo and extra strings are also supplied, giving musicians the necessary equipment for a variety of playing styles and simple string replacement.

Kepma ES36 Travel Guitar In Nepal

R&R Music is an exclusive authorized distributor of Kepma ES36 Travel Guitar In Nepal.

Guitar Specifications


  • Size: 36 Inches Travel Size
  • Series: E Series of Kepma
  • Top: AA Grade Laminated Sitka Spruce
  • Back and Sides: AA Grade Laminated African Mahogany
  • Bracing: Standard X Scalloped Bracing
  • Top Thickness: 2.7mm ± 0.2mm
  • Neck Joint: Dove Tail Neck Joint


  • Material: Nato
  • Shape: C Shape


  • Material: Rosewood


  • Material: Rosewood


  • Tuning Machines: Premium Die-Cast Kepma Machine Heads
  • Nut, Saddle, and Bridge Pins: ABS


  • Type: Anti-Rust Coated Strings
Kepma ES36 Travel Guitar In Nepal
Kepma ES36 Travel Guitar In Nepal

What is the price of a Kepma ES36 Travel Guitar In Nepal?

Kepma ES36 Travel Guitar has a starting price of ₨18,000 in Nepal.

Are travel guitars good for beginners?

Travel guitar is one of the best beginner guitars to practice. You can take it anywhere with ease.

Kepma ES36 Travel Guitar In Nepal

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