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Guitar Price in Nepal

Guitar Price in Nepal – Introduction

R&R Music House has guitars that suit every taste, from electric pounding to acoustic sounds. Furthermore, we carry the only premium brands in the area, including Aiersi, Crafter, Enya, Gilmour, Gopherwood, Kepma and PRS Guitars.

These brands are exclusive to you and we are the exclusive distributors. The best part is that celebrities from all over the world have played our guitars! Yes, everything you just said is true. You can now play our guitars like the celebrities who have strummed all across the world.

Discover your ideal match by visiting the R&R Music House. It’s a no-brainer with the finest guitar prices in Nepal and celebrity-endorsed quality!

Guitar Price in Nepal

Here are the Brand’s Names & Their Guitar Price in Nepal.

Brand NamesGuitar Price In Nepal
AiersiStarting Price  @Rs.4500
CrafterStarting Price  @Rs.33,000
EnyaStarting Price  @Rs.20,000
GilmourStarting Price  @Rs.52,000
GopherwoodStarting Price  @Rs.30,800
KepmaStarting Price  @Rs.18,000
PRS GuitarsStarting Price  @Rs.70,400
Guitar Price in Nepal


Aiersi guitars are available at R&R Music House and start at Rs.4500. The manufacturer of these guitars, Nantong Sinomusic Enterprise Limited, is renowned for producing high-quality musical instruments. They are renowned for their excellent quality and deft craftsmanship.


The Crafter Guitar is available at R&R Music House for a starting price of Rs.33,000. Crafter is the industry leader. The instrument is built with high-quality parts, starting with the tonewood selection and continuing with the pickups and tuners. Crafter is a brand that represents the seamless combination of traditional guitar-building techniques with state-of-the-art production technology. The company’s production facility in South Korea is among the most advanced factories in Asia.


At the R&R Music House, Enya starts at Rs.20,000. For artists, the ideal travelling partner! These guitars have a bright, resonant acoustic tone, and are lightweight and durable. Its name relates to the beginnings of Enya Music. “EN” is rooted in high principles and represents steadfast humility and thankfulness, but “YA” is sophisticated. 

Enya has expanded rapidly since producing its first musical instrument in 1995, turning into a well-known global brand with remarkable annual sales of over 300,000 guitars and ukuleles. Today, Enya employs more than 300 people to support a broad sales network that conducts business in 40 different nations.


Gilmour Guitar has a price starting from Rs.52, 000. In 2000, Gilmour Choi founded Gilmour Guitars, a South Korean firm. All of their models are of the finest calibre, and they have over 20 years of production experience. They also offer semi-custom order-built models.


Gopherwood Guitar’s starting price in Nepal is Rs.30,800. Gopherwood Guitars has created a unique and creative process for making guitars that are more capable than traditional guitars, meaning that they are more affordable. Despite having a classic appearance, Gopherwood guitar sales have increased dramatically as more people become aware of their potential thanks to the collaboration with top modern designers and SoundPillar technology. Gopherwood guitars are smooth to the touch and offer a clear, balanced musicality that encourages faster runs, more dynamic control, and harmonic chords.


Kepma Guitar price in Nepal starts from Rs.18, 000. Kepma guitars are built and assembled using state-of-the-art equipment from the USA, Italy, Germany, Japan, and China in addition to a highly skilled and motivated team. Since Kepma Guitars use the best of the best rather than the best that is “locally” accessible, they are in fact “global” instruments. The world’s greatest acoustic sound reproduction minds provide pickup systems, while Graphtec labs supply nuts and saddles. A few of our trustworthy and knowledgeable suppliers that work to make every Kepma Elite the best it can be include Fishman, L.R. Bags, and Double.

PRS Guitar

PRS Guitar price in Nepal starts from Rs.70, 400. American guitar and amplifier manufacturer Paul Reed Smith Guitars is situated in Stevensville, Maryland. It has been referred to as PRS Guitars or simply PRS. In Annapolis, Maryland, Paul Reed Smith founded the company in 1985. Products manufactured by PRS include amplifiers, basses, and acoustic and electric guitars.

Though PRS-designed tuners and synthetic nuts are found on most models, others come with Kluson-style tuners made in Korea. A wrapover tailpiece, a vibrato, and a one-piece pre-tonated stop tail are the three distinct bridge designs that are offered for PRS guitars. The vibrato’s design involved input from guitar engineer John Mann. Featuring cam-locking tuners that provide great tuning stability and considerable pitch bending, it was a contemporary interpretation of the classic Fender vibrato.

Guitar Price in Nepal
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Guitar Price In Nepal

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