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  • NEXG, next guitar, nex-gen guitar. The NEXG comes with four different colour options: black, white, pink, and blue. Which is new material & design, built-in preamp, built-in audio interface, onboard tuner, wireless speaker, and onboard effects. The NEXG is a uniquely ergonomic instrument. With a fully detachable outer frame, a body made entirely of carbon fibre, and a body weight of fewer than 7 lbs, playing anywhere has never been easier. THE SPEAKER With a speaker inside, NEXG can do way more than you can imagine. One 30W woofer and two 10W tweeters are included in the built-in wireless speaker, resulting in high-quality, clear stereo sound matter your style, live it out loud through the wireless speaker. THE MICROPHONE The auto wireless connection between your NEXG and Enya microphone helps to create a successful party karaoke celebration. We would recommend you try some karaoke on NEXG or play some music when you are chilling, cooking, showering, or partying. Let the one-click vocal removal button be the hero. THE DSP The integrated Enya D2 processor allows you to control built-in tried and true guitar effects, including EQ, reverb, delay, flanger, wah, chorus, distortion, overdrive and more. Five onboard saved effects that can be edited through the mobile ENYA MUSIC APP (available on both Android and iOS). More effects & functions will be added to help you create your favourite tonal textures and save them on the guitar. THE GUITAR SET The build of this acoustic-electric NEXG guitar is solid. It’s made out of carbon fibre composite material. The upper body of the guitar is detachable, which saves space if taken to travel. We’ve included a set of Hi-Fi monitor earphones, a Travel case, a wireless microphone, a strap, charger cable, The strap on the case can also be used with the guitar.

Features & details

  • 50W WIRELESS SPEAKER & SILENT PRACTICE: It’s never been easier to jam out to your favourite tunes. One 30W more wood and two 10W tweeters are included in the built-in wireless speaker, resulting in high-quality, clear stereo sound. Guitar playing and easy wireless connection with your mobile devices are both supported. When you strum a chord, you can either feel the sound vibrating in your hands or use earphones to avoid disturbing others.
  • ONBOARDS EFFECTS & TUNER: The NEXG’s Enya DSP chip supports five effect types that can be saved on the guitar, and a mobile APP is available to assist with editing. You are now able to enjoy different tonal textures without using the pedals. Ongoing APP development will support more digital effects and deeper tone editing. The built-in and simple-to-use tuner allows you to check and adjust your tuning without the need for an external clip-on.
  • BUILT-IN PREAMP & AUDIO INTERFACE: With the built-in preamp and speaker, NEXG is not only just a guitar but also an amplifier with a quality tone for all your electric instruments. NEXG is always ready to go whenever inspiration strikes. Allow the small band to have fun anywhere and at any time without having to lug around a heavy amplifier. The integrated sound card supports digital output in the creation of a clean recording in a variety of situations.
  • PLAYABILITY & PORTABILITY: NEXG’s detachable outer frame adds convenience and portability beyond that of a traditional guitar. The provided luxury case is lightweight and easily fits into an aeroplane overhead compartment with room to spare. The entire body is made of carbon fibre and weighs less than 7 pounds. A radius fretboard with a zero-fret design is also included on the NEXG, which contributes to a very comfortable playing experience.
  • WIRELESS MICROPHONE & KARAOKE MODE: A wireless phone is included in the package, which will automatically connect to the speaker. Simply click the vocal remover button to activate the karaoke mode, which converts any song into backing tracks. The 10400mA rechargeable battery can play up to 5 hours at maximum volume. NEXG is the ideal audio entertainment centre for your home.

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