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Enya Amari Mini Price in Nepal

Enya Amari Mini Price in Nepal | R&R Music.

High-Performance Travel Guitar: The Enya Amari Am-Mini

A great option if you’re looking for a high-performance travel guitar with great sound quality is the Enya Amari Am-Mini. For an incredibly low price, this small-bodied acoustic guitar provides a warm tone and excellent feel.


Rich and compact, the Enya Amari Am-Mini is a travel-friendly acoustic guitar. Its remarkable tonal qualities and adaptability, despite its small size, make it an excellent and dependable travelling companion for musicians.


Superior Materials

  • Top: Mahogany (A): The warm, resonant sound of the guitar is enhanced by the mahogany top.
  • Back & Sides: Mahogany (A): The mahogany sides and back enhance the guitar’s sonic projection and richness.
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood: In addition to making the guitar easier to play, the rosewood fingerboard enhances its visual appeal.
  • Bridge: Rosewood: The rosewood bridge supports stability and overall sound quality.
  • Neck: Mahogany: The mahogany neck guarantees the player’s comfort and longevity.

Size and Build

  • Body Size: 36 inches. The reduced body size provides excellent convenience without sacrificing sound quality, making it ideal for travel.
  • Frets: 20. With its twenty frets, the guitar can play a large variety of notes and chords.
  • Finish Smooth Matte: The guitar has a sleek appearance and a cosy feel thanks to its smooth matte finish.
Enya Amari Mini Price in Nepal
Enya Amari Mini Price in Nepal


Preamp: Enya Preamp The guitar may be used for both acoustic and amplified performances thanks to the included Enya preamp, which improves the sound of the instrument when plugged in.


  • Free Gig Bag: Use the provided gig bag to safeguard your guitar when travelling.
  • Capo: Use the free capo to quickly alter the key of your tunes.
  • Strings: To maintain the finest possible tone for your guitar, a set of strings is included.
  • Strap: When playing standing up, the free strap adds comfort and ease.

The Enya Amari Am-Mini EQ is a fantastic travel guitar that offers artists on the go an incredible bargain because of its superb construction, amazing tone, and practical accessories.

Enya Amari Mini Price in Nepal

R&R Music is an exclusive distributor of Enya Amari Mini Price in Nepal.

Product details of Enya Amari Mini 36inch Engelmann Spruce (A) Semi Acoustic Guitar with Free Bag, capo, strap, and Strings

  • Model : Amari Mini EQ
  • Size: 36inch
  • Top: Englemann Spruce (A)
  • Back & Side: Sapele (A)
  • Fingerboard and Bridge: Indian Rosewood
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Machine head: Black Diecast
  • Finish: Matte
  • Electronics: Enya Preamp
  • Included: Gig Bag and Free Accessories

What is the price of Enya Amari Mini Price in Nepal?

Enya Amari Mini Price has a price tag of Rs.20700 in Nepal.

Who is the distributor of Enya Guitars in Nepal?

R&R Music is an exclusive authorized distributor of Enya Guitars in Nepal.

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