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Are you searching for the best guitar in Nepal that has unmatched craftsmanship and sonic quality? You only need to visit the R&R Music Store!

Being the go-to place for musicians in the area, R&R take great satisfaction in providing a wide range of the greatest guitars on the market, carefully chosen to satisfy the various demands of guitar players of all skill levels.

Here are the top 7 Guitars In Nepal:

  1. Aiersi
  3. Enya
  4. Gilmour
  5. Gopherwood
  6. Kepma
  7. PRS Guitar


Aiersi, the leading manufacturer of very high-quality Chinese guitars and ukuleles, employs skilled artisans to handle design, production, quality control, and inspection. In particular, they have highly skilled master luthiers. Thus, this explains why an increasing number of consumers are purchasing Aiersi models on the market. Click here for more technical details.


Crafter is a market leader. The instrument is made to perform well by using high-quality parts, from the tonewood selection to the tuners and pickups. Crafter is a brand that represents the harmonious combination of high-tech production with the age-old craft of guitar-making. The company’s own South Korean manufacturing site is one of the most advanced factories in Asia. Click here for Crafter Lengary History.


The ideal travel buddy for musicians! These guitars have a bright and resonant acoustic tone and are designed to be lightweight and durable. Enya Music has a long history that starts with the meaning of its name. “YA” is elegant, but “EN” is rooted in profound principles and represents eternal humility and thankfulness. Since creating its first musical instrument in 1995, Enya has grown quickly, becoming a well-known international brand with an astounding yearly sales volume of over 300,000 guitars and ukuleles. Enya’s vibrant workforce of more than 300 people today supports a vast sales network that operates in 40 different countries.

Enya Music keeps a strong global presence with a specialized distribution warehouse and manufacturing service facility located in Texas, USA. Even though Enya is a worldwide organization, they nevertheless have a strong local devotion. headquartered in China’s Shenzhen.


Gilmour Choi established the South Korean company Gilmour Guitars in the year 2000.
With over 20 years of production experience, all of their models are of the highest calibre, and they also provide semi-custom order manufactured models.

Gopherwood Guitars

Gopherwood Guitars has developed an original and inventive method for creating guitars that surpass the capabilities of conventional guitars, thereby providing greater value. Even though they have a traditional appearance, the partnership with leading contemporary designers and SoundPillar technology has led to explosive sales growth as more people realize the potential of a Gopherwood guitar. Gopherwood guitars have a smooth feel in the palm and a clear, balanced musicality that promotes harmonious chords, quicker runs, and more control over dynamics. Furthermore, by simply changing the SoundPillar, which is the first of its kind in the world, you can access new areas within the same instrument in a matter of minutes.


The latest machinery from the USA, Italy, Germany, Japan, and China is used in the construction and assembly of Kepma guitars, together with a highly qualified and driven workforce. In actuality, Kepma Guitars are “global” instruments because they use the finest of the best, not the best that is “locally” accessible. GraphTech labs provide nuts and saddles, while top acoustic sound reproduction minds in the world supply pickup systems. Fishman, L.R. Baggs, and Double are just a few of our dependable and experienced suppliers that help make every Kepma Elite the best it can be.

PRS Guitars

Paul Reed Smith Guitars, commonly referred to as PRS Guitars or just PRS, is a Stevensville, Maryland-based American guitar and amplifier manufacturer. Paul Reed Smith launched the business in Annapolis, Maryland, in 1985. Basses, amplifiers, and both electric and acoustic guitars are among the products made by PRS. While some models include Korean-made Kluson-style tuners, most models have synthetic nuts and PRS-designed tuners. Three unique bridge designs are available for PRS guitars: a wrapover tailpiece, a vibrato, and a one-piece pre-intonated stop tail. Guitar engineer John Mann assisted in the design of the vibrato. It was a modern take on the vintage Fender vibrato, featuring cam-locking tuners that provided excellent tuning stability and extensive pitch bending.

R&R Music Store believes that all musicians should have access to instruments that stimulate their imagination and help them play to new heights. R&R go above and beyond to find top-notch guitars that are utilized by famous musicians worldwide, making sure that the clients can also access the kind of quality that inspires them to pursue their musical goals.

R&R Store provides everything and more, whether you’re looking for an electric guitar that lights up the stage with its versatility and power or a captivating acoustic guitar that enthrals audiences with its rich tones and flawless resonance. R&R have a vast selection of models, brands, and styles in the inventory to suit any kind of playing style or musical taste.

R&R Music Store is unique because of our steadfast dedication to quality and client happiness.R&R puts every guitar in inventory through a rigorous quality check process to make sure it satisfies our high standards for playability, performance, and longevity. Making every effort to ensure that the clients receive the greatest possible guitars.

Furthermore, R&R Music Store provides comprehensive information about all of the items, including their features, specifications, and prices, because we recognize that buying a guitar is a big investment. Shopping with R&R assures you that you’re receiving the greatest deal possible.

Why then wait? Take your musical adventure to the next level with the finest guitars available in Nepal, only at the R&R Music Store. You may be certain that you will discover the instrument of your dreams that will enable you to create, play, and express yourself like never before, thanks to the unmatched collection, unwavering quality, and amazing rates. Discover the distinction at R&R Music Store—where excellence and passion collide!


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