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Acoustic Guitar Price In Nepal

Acoustic Guitar Price In Nepal – R&R Music House Intro

In addition to providing trustworthy and reasonably priced acoustic guitars, R&R Music House also has some of the supreme high-end, premium acoustic guitar in Nepal. Some of the most well-known musicians in the world play these top-quality guitars, which are well-known worldwide.

R&R Music House is an awesome place to get the best acoustic guitar available in Nepal. If you’re looking to purchase one of the most High-end, excellent, and amazing-sounding acoustic guitars, R&R Music can fill your needs and requirements accordingly.

Here are the best acoustic guitar price in Nepal:

Best Acoustic GuitarsAcoustic Guitar Price In Nepal
Enya EAX4Pro Carbon Fiber Trans Acoustic GuitarRs.108, 000.
Enya Nex G Audio Smart GuitarRs.120, 000.
Enya NEXG2 Smart GuitarRs.130, 700.
PRS SE Tonare T60E Acoustic-Electric GuitarRs.155, 000.

Enya EAX4Pro Carbon Fiber Trans Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Price in Nepal

A fantastic 41-inch cutaway guitar is the Enya EAX4Pro Carbon Fiber Trans Acoustic Guitar. It has a top composed of 90% carbon fibre and sides and back made of matte carbon fibre. 

Black steel 21-gear machine heads are mounted on a Black Richlite fretboard. The neck is made of carbon fibre with an aluminium truss rod, and the saddle and nut are TUSQ. 

Elixir 16052 strings are fitted to the instrument, which has a matte back and sides and a high-gloss top finish. 

Double exclusive TransAcoustic-S4 electronics are also included. A fibreglass guitar box, a USB port, a leather strap, a wrench, and a cable are included in the package.

Enya EAX4Pro Carbon Fiber Trans acoustic Guitar price in Nepal is Rs.108,000.

Enya Nex G Audio Smart Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Price in Nepal

High-tech and multipurpose is the Enya Nex G Audio Smart Guitar. It is available in black and has a carbon fibre neck, back, and body. Important characteristics consist of:

With its 30W woofer and two 10W tweeters, the 50W Wireless Speaker & Silent Practice produces excellent stereo sound. Enables earbuds for practising in silence and supports wireless connections to mobile devices.

Onboard Effects & Tuner: Fitted with an Enya DSP chip that allows for the saving and editing of five effects on the guitar using a mobile application. Includes an integrated tuner for simple tuning.

Preamp & Audio Interface Built-in: Serves as a guitar amplifier as well. It has a digital recording sound card integrated into it.

Playability & Portability: With a detachable outer frame and a lightweight luxury case that fits in an overhead compartment of an aeroplane, it weighs less than 7 pounds. It has a comfortable zero-fret design on a radius fretboard.

Comes includes a wireless microphone that connects to the speaker and a karaoke mode. Features a karaoke function for creating backing tracks out of tunes. You may play music at full volume for up to 5 hours with the 10400mA rechargeable battery.

All things considered, the Enya Nex G provides excellent sound, a lightweight design, and several contemporary functions for a full audio entertainment experience.

Enya EAX4Pro Carbon Fiber Trans acoustic Guitar price in Nepal is Rs.120,000.

Enya NEXG2 Smart Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Price in Nepal

The black Enya NEXG2 Smart Guitar is an advanced instrument that combines state-of-the-art audio technology with the classic components of an acoustic guitar. With a full-size measurement of 38 inches, this guitar’s body and radius fretboard are made of carbon fibre for strength and a sleek appearance. A touch of refinement is added by the satin finish, while excellent playability and sound quality are guaranteed by the D’Addario® YP-XS strings and bone saddle.

With two 12.5W woofers and a 15W tweeter, the NEXG2’s 80W maximum output speaker system produces loud, clear audio. Its sophisticated Enya ES3 Smart Audio system, which has several cutting-edge capabilities, is run by a 43.68Wh battery. The guitar’s 2-inch vibrant touch screen makes navigating via its many features simple. 

With its built-in effects, drum beat feature, tuner, and vocal removal, the NEXG2 boosts creativity. With the help of these technologies, artists can easily perform with backing tracks, add rhythm, maintain tuning, and modify their sound. A customized playing experience is made possible by the guitar’s user-friendly interface and interaction with partner apps, which provide more customization and control over effects, loops, and settings. 

The NEXG2’s onboard looper is a notable feature that, when paired with a wireless pedal, allows musicians to easily record and layer their ideas while overcoming timing issues. The guitar may also be used as a wireless speaker by easily establishing a connection with smart devices to stream music or play along with tracks. 

The genuine tones of an acoustic guitar are precisely recorded and replicated thanks to the NEXG2’s acoustic profiling technology, making for a realistic and engrossing playing experience. All things considered, the Enya NEXG2 Smart Guitar is an all-in-one audio solution that redefines what a contemporary guitar can offer by fusing cutting-edge technology and classic workmanship. 

Enya NEXG2 Smart Guitar Price in Nepal is Rs.130,700.

 PRS SE A50E Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Price in Nepal

This high-end steel-string guitar is made for flexible performance: the PRS SE A50E Acoustic-Electric Guitar. Its cutaway Angelus body style makes it simple to reach upper frets. The PRS Hybrid X/Classical bracing system adds to the guitar’s deep, resonant sound, which is further enhanced by its flamed maple body and solid Sitka spruce top. To its natural finish, the abalone body binding lends a touch of elegance.

Playing comfort is ensured by the large fat profile mahogany neck and the ebony fretboard featuring the distinctive PRS bird inlays. With its 20 frets and 642 mm scale length, the guitar offers players a comfortable playing experience. Stability and accuracy are ensured by the PRS-designed machine heads and ebony bridge, while optimal tone and sustain are provided by the bone nut and saddle.

The PRS SE A50E has a Fishman GT1 pickup system that produces great amplified sound, and the soundhole conveniently houses the volume and tone controls. The 012 –.053 gauge strings used on the guitar produce a powerful and well-balanced response. For artists who are constantly on the run, it is packaged with a PRS hard case that provides protection and portability. High-quality materials and craftsmanship are highlighted by the guitar’s natural colour finish, which elevates the instrument to an amazing audible and visual experience.

PRS SE A50E ACOUSTIC-ELECTRIC Guitar price in Nepal is Rs. 135,000.

PRS SE Tonare T60E Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Price in Nepal

An outstanding instrument with outstanding tone qualities and superb craftsmanship is the PRS SE Tonare T60E Acoustic-Electric Guitar. The thick spruce top of this instrument guarantees remarkable projection and subtle clarity. Ziricote is used to create the back and sides, which improves the whole acoustic experience with a warm, rich tone. 

A Fishman GT1 under-saddle pickup system on the guitar provides an excellent amplified tone for live performances and recording sessions. Its ebony fingerboard and mahogany neck combine to create a responsive, playable feel that is appropriate for a variety of playing styles. The T60E’s large concert body shape improves its acoustic projection, which makes it a great option for both strumming and fingerpicking. 

The T60E’s natural finish is made more elegant visually by the eye-catching abalone purfling and rosette embellishments. The guitar’s improved tone stability and sustain are partly attributed to the genuine bone nut and saddle. A complimentary sturdy case is included with this guitar to provide both protection and portability. All things considered, the PRS SE Tonare T60E is a masterfully constructed, multipurpose acoustic-electric guitar that is ideal for musicians who want the best possible sound quality together with a striking appearance. 

PRS SE Tonare T60E Acoustic-Electric Guitar price in Nepal is Rs. 155,000.

Which is the best acoustic guitar in Nepal?

1. Enya EAX4Pro Carbon Fiber Trans Acoustic Guitar

2. Enya Nex G Audio Smart Guitar

3. Enya NEXG2 Smart Guitar


5. PRS SE Tonare T60E

These are the best acoustic guitars that you can buy in Nepal.

Which guitar is best in Nepal under Rs.10,000?

R&R Music provides the best-sounding guitars under Rs.10,000 in Nepal. Vist the official website for more details.

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